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Two adults and four students in African clothing stand, fists closed and crossed over their chest.

Alkebulan Percussion

The mission of Alkebulan is to perpetuate the culture of African drum and dance by providing traditional and alternative opportunities to expand their creativity using percussion as the primary focus.

Anastasia poses with two paintings on easels and three other adults, two of whom are depicted in the portraits on the easels.

Anastasia Teper

Mrs. Teper is a visual artist, and she also has 17 years of direct social service experience working with high-risk populations.

Two people stand in front of matted photos, one of them actively talking.

Arts Angle Vantage

Arts Angle Vantage program’s mission is to give youth from diverse backgrounds access to the arts and empower them to use their voices to create public service arts journalism for the community.

A small yellow box covered in buttons, with a butterfly painted on it and the phrase "How Bright You gon Shine Today?!"

Ashlee Phillips

Ashlee Phillips is a passionate Social Art Activist and Cultural Curator.

A black and white photo of Brandon Harrison speaking at a microphone, behind him, a man holds a handwritten sign saying "Hands Up."

Brandon “B. Shatter” Harrison

B. Shatter’s mission is to provide a safe space for artistic and poetic expression while creating ample opportunities for poets of all ages to turn their art into careers.

Two kids work at a long table in a classroom, holding paintbrushes with small trays of paint in front of them.

ChoZen Inc.

ChoZen is a nonprofit organization that cultivates confidence and emotional intelligence by restoring the lost narratives of BIPOC and advocating cultural healing practices.

Cody Clark in a black and gold suit with two kids in a school gym. Cody is holding a microphone for one of the kids to speak into.

Cody Clark Magic

Cody’s magic makes people feel they can be themselves.

Darryl Tucker

Artuckstic Creations thrives to have inclusion and diversity in their business while pushing engagement for their participants to feel as if they belong in the group.

Deanna stands in front of a backdrop of colorful bricks, actively explaining something to a group, gesturing with one arm lifted.

Deanna Atchley

Deanna Atchley has over 20 years of cheerleading and dance experience.

Two gradeschool students performing as part of a play in a school library, dressed as nerds with glasses and suspenders.

Drama by George

Drama by George’s mission is to grow students with compassion and character through the power of stories.

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