Volunteer for a Fund for the Arts Grant Review Panel

What is a Grant Review Panel and what do they do? 

A Grant Review Panel helps to review applications for grant funding and/or awards. Panelists are members of our community, representing a broad range of artistic and cultural viewpoints, geographic, racial, and ethnic diversity, and a strong, proven desire to support our local arts ecosystem.

Who can serve as a panelist? 

Panelists must live locally and be part of the Greater Louisville community as a professional artist, or as an engaged layperson who is not engaged in an arts profession. Some panelists have received support from the Fund in the past and are knowledgeable about the application and reporting process.

Who cannot serve as a panelist?  

Active Fund for the Arts employees are, under no circumstances, allowed to serve as panelists to determine funding allocation. Those who are not FFTA staff and are applying (either as an individual or as part of an organization) for support from the Fund are not permitted to serve as panelists on the grant for which they applied.

Please review and sign the Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest form to identify any specifics that might disqualify you from serving as on a Grant Review Panel. Click here to download the form. Email the completed form to grants@fundforthearts.org.

Why do you need the detailed information collected and what do you do with it?  

In alignment with our commitment to approach all investment opportunities through an equity lens, we require the makeup of panels to be diverse, and ask for information so as to better comply with that objective. All questions related to racial or ethnic identity are optional, and we evaluate only what you wish to share. Individual data is confidential and will only be used as part of the collective to ensure a diverse panel internally at FFTA and in reporting to stakeholders, to ensure we are accountable for upholding our equity commitment.

What is the time commitment and compensation?  

Time commitments vary and are dependent upon the type of grant review panel. Honorarium amounts vary based on the time commitment and the type of grant review panel. Potential panelists would be notified in advance of the honorarium amount.

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