What is Fund for the Arts?

Fund for the Arts is a regional nonprofit committed to building a vibrant community through the power of the arts. With the help of nearly 20,000 donors, the Fund for the Arts supports a range of arts organizations and drives accessibility across neighborhoods, schools, community centers and public spaces.

Louisville’s arts scene rivals those of the nation’s most renowned cities. The community boasts a vibrant visual arts scene plus major professional companies in five resident performing arts categories—a claim only two other peer cities, and only 13 cities nationally, can make. The breadth and diversity of our Arts scene, from theatres to museums, concerts to galleries, drives economic development, access to the arts and enhances quality of life throughout the region for citizens and business leaders alike. The arts are simply a defining strength for this creative, vibrant, funky town.

We believe the arts fuel our regional economy, inspire student success, bring people together and simply make Louisville an amazing, unique city.