When it comes to the arts, Louisville rivals those of the nation’s most renowned cities. Our community boasts a vibrant visual art scene, world-class performing arts organizations and leading youth training programs. The breadth and diversity of our arts community— from theatres to museums, concerts to galleries—drives economic development. Access to the arts enhances quality of life throughout the region and is the defining strength for this creative, vibrant city.

When you contribute to the Fund for the Arts, you help build a vibrant region where employees want to live, work and raise families. With one of the oldest united arts campaigns, the Louisville region is a national model for how the arts can make a community—providing an outstanding quality of life, progressive educational programs and a great place to succeed in business.


Invest in the Arts

Support the Fund for the Arts in building a more vibrant community for your employees and clients.

Underwrite arts experiences in schools, neighborhood centers and aging care facilities to ensure access to the arts across the community.

Event sponsorships create brand awareness and business development opportunities.

Attract Top Talent & Business

Employees prioritize quality of life when selecting a city and prioritize community impact and involvement when selecting a company.

Louisville’s award-winning arts scene provides numerous opportunities for individuals and families to experience and participate in the arts.

Engage Employees

Host a Workplace Campaign: Convening employees to participate in and support the arts.

Leadership Development Opportunities: Board positions at local arts organizations, the NeXt emerging leadership program, young professional arts societies.

Professional Development Seminars: Artist-led workshops in public speaking, conflict resolution, creative thinking, team building and more.

Volunteer Opportunities: Individuals and groups of employees can volunteer in arts education at schools and community centers, usher at a theater or provide skill-based services.

Host Employee/Client Events: Backstage tours, dress rehearsals, lunch sessions with local artists and arts leaders.

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