When you contribute to the Fund for the Arts, you help build a vibrant region where employees want to live, work and raise families. With one of the oldest united arts campaigns, the Louisville region is a national model for how the arts can make a community—providing an outstanding quality of life, progressive educational programs and a great place to succeed in business.

By investing in the arts you are:

Fueling educational programs which inspire 21st century skills and grow a creative workforce.

Attracting creative, talented professionals and new businesses to the region.

Engaging employees in their community and building strong, loyal teams.

Enhancing your corporate brand awareness through strategic philanthropy

World-Class Institutions
Fund for the Arts strives to make Louisville a competitive 21st century city by bringing
innovative programming, national acclaim, exciting performances and exhibitions to
traditional and non-traditional spaces in our community.

Educational Programs & Outreach
Fund for the Arts leverages the arts to engage children, inspire excellence and improve
academic success both in the classroom and through transformative out-of-school
opportunities. Our outreach spans after-school programs, summer camps, community
centers and health and senior living centers.

Strategic Partnerships
Fund for the Arts is a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in our community.
By connecting diverse businesses and organizations, we leverage our thriving arts
scene to address critical community initiatives and drive impact.

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