Join the more than 200 companies in our community who host a workplace campaign. Each year, more than 17,500 people give through their workplace campaign, most give as little as $1 per week through payroll deduction. These campaigns are fun and easy ways to engage employees with their company and in their community. Fund for the Arts provides you with interactive arts opportunities, employee engagement, and professional development opportunities. Call us if you are interested in learning more!



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$1 a Week Will:

bring students from all across our region to performances and exhibits that engage their minds and open their hearts. All arts in education experiences are connected to core curriculum and developed to help students achieve.

$5 a Week Will:

provide youth arts training programs in drama, music, vocal, dance and visual arts, promoting the development of 21st century skills—creativity, collaboration, creative thinking, communication. $5 a week can help fund a year-long intensive program for one young person, or music lessons for one week in an after-school program.

$10 a Week Will:

fund innovative artist residencies in non-traditional places such as community centers in at-risk neighborhoods, agencies for children with special needs and in senior care facilities, delivering healing benefits, fun and engagement.

Donor Rewards

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Arts Card

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