• Led by or specializes in serving Black or African American communities
  • Led by or specializes in serving men
  • Led by or specializes in serving mixed race communities
  • Led by or specializes in serving women
  • Visual Art

About Us:

Artuckstic Creations thrives to have inclusion and diversity in their business while pushing engagement for their participants to feel as if they belong in the group.

Age Range(s)
Adults (25-64), Ages 15 and Up, All Ages (Children Through Seniors), Children (0-14), Seniors (65 years and over), Teens (13-18), Youth (15-24)
Darryl Tucker

Artuckstic Creations focuses on creating colorful beautiful finger paintings and brush work paintings. Painting Live or painting commissions for the community is what Darryl does to feel complete with purpose. Darryl also loves inclusion and diversity, he’s very comfortable working with others and making them feel as if they belong. Well-Being is a big focus in his daily living.

Creativity in bringing community together to engage in the art while getting to know one another in the group is Darryl’s goal. Although being an awesome artist is great, knowing your fellow artist and building a bond with one another is even better. Darryl has a wonderful gift for people and art that will take him a long way.

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