• Identifies as: Woman-led
  • Presenting & Multidisciplinary Arts
  • Visual Art

About Us:

Skylar Smith is an artist, curator, and educator. Erica Rucker is a Multimedia/Literature Artist.

Age Range(s)
Ages 15 and Up, Youth (15-24)
Erica Rucker (She/Her)

Erica Rucker Multimedia/Literature Artist Statement: Much of her work both as a writer and visual artist is based on memories and always the human experience. The way light dances through glass or a cluster of leaves when looking up at a tree, all remind her of things she appreciated as a child. The way that we speak, look and interact finds its way onto her pages and into her photographs.

Skylar Smith Artist Statement: Skylar Smith is an artist, curator, and educator. Her work deals with micro and macro perceptions of the natural world, and human-scale politics that influence perception.

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