Fund for the Arts strives to make Greater Louisville a competitive 21st century community by investing in innovative programming that brings national acclaim, exciting performances and exhibitions to traditional and non-traditional spaces in every corner of our community.


Engaging Creative Minds

Application Period: Summer 2017 – Early Fall 2017

Audience: Teachers & School Administrators

An education rich in the arts builds creativity and critical thinking skills which develop innovative professionals. Youth who participate in the arts are more engaged in the classroom and the community. Fund for the Arts provides arts-rich educational programs to schools and community centers across Greater Louisville, expanding access to the arts for all students.

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Investing in World-Class Institutions

Fund for the Arts supports world-class institutions who bring national acclaim, exciting performances and exhibits to your community.  Each of the following organizations work together with the Fund for the Arts in a cultural partnership on collaborative initiatives and educational programs which contribute to our quality of place.

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Growing Arts Excellence

Application Period: rolling admissions.

Audience: Cultural Providers

Artists and arts organizations are the creative foundation of our community. Fund for the Arts offers scholarships and awards to not only recognize artistic achievement and impact, but to support artists and arts leaders in honing their craft and adding to our community’s vibrant arts scene.

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Expanding Arts Access

Application Period: Fall 2016 Cycle Projects due November 30

Audience: Cultural Providers

Fund for the Arts believes in the transformative power of the arts. The arts build community and enhance the individual. Ensuring access to the arts in every corner of our community is critical to building a strong, vibrant, and connected community.

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