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Sheila Hill-Majors, Workplace Campaign Chair for Passport Health Plan

Fund for the Arts couldn’t make an impact in the region without our hundreds of amazing Workplace Campaign Chairs.  These folks work tirelessly as their company’s Fund for the Arts liaison, cheerleader, and advocate, as they raise awareness for the positive impact arts have on our community and in work life.  Along with raising awareness, they help engage their coworkers through the transformative power of the arts.

Sheila Hill-Majors, Workplace Campaign Chair for Passport Health Plan, is just one of many who puts their fellow coworkers first while rallying support for a thriving arts community.  Hill-Majors has been with Passport for over five years and currently holds the position of Senior Staff Accountant.  She has served on the Workplace Committee since 2013, and became the Campaign Chair in spring 2015.

We had Hill-Majors fill us in on the specifics of their Workplace Campaign, why she decided to get involved, and what fuels her passion for the arts.  This is what she had to say:

Q: Why are the arts meaningful to you?

A:  I like the benefits it gives our children and students. My son was a participant of the Louisville Visual Arts from elementary through high school. The arts provides many opportunities for our students.

Q: What kind of arts education did you have as a student?

A:  I loved my arts class in high school and the yearly senior plays which I would attend.

Q:  Do you have a talent or hobby you enjoy (playing an instrument, singing, painting, clay, etc.)?

A:  I use to sing and play piano. Now, I enjoy listening to others.

Q:  Are you able to enjoy any exhibits and performances, and if so, which Providers do you like best (Actors, Opera, Ballet, etc.)?

A:  Occasionally, I attend events at Actors Theater of Louisville and The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.

Q: Why do you choose to be a CC?

A:  I volunteered when our previous CC left the company. I enjoy being a part of our workplace campaigns.

Describe how you conduct your Fund for the Arts workplace campaign?

A: Our most famous activity is our CitySippers Café. Our associates can enjoy coffee, fruits and pastries for a donation and visit with other associates. A PTO day is given for those contributing by pledge by a deadline. This year, we will have other drawings.

Q: How do you feel the Fund for the Arts workplace campaign engages you and your coworkers?

A: It presents an awareness of the FFTA activities and contributions needed to aid the Arts opportunities provided within our community.

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