Thanks to Chase, PNC, AT&T, Brown-Forman and The Louisville Community Foundation we got to see the “Power of Five” explode with excitement in the elementary schools this year. 33,500 students, from 58 schools, participated in 274 live arts experiences in just 6 months! NOW we’re talkin’! That’s what 5 organizations can do when they decide to come 2gether through the Arts and head right into the classroom. Any teacher will tell you that when arts become part of the learning process students do better. It’s just that simple! Brian at Lincoln Elementary was failing in school until they put a pair of tap shoes on him. That’s right! Hear the music, feel the beat, tap the toe and away we go. Brian’s self esteem and classroom performance has gone sky high!

Everywhere we went this week people were giving each other the HIGH FIVE as they were signing their pledge cards. It was crazy fun to watch and you can see the pictures by clicking this link. Republic Bank, Trover Solutions, PNC ,Wells Fargo and The Benefits Firm employees gathered in large numbers to make their annual pledge and of course, to get the highly sought after Fund for the Arts umbrella and reusable bags.

Although I love it when it rains because the sidewalks fill up with Arts umbrellas, let’s hope the weather holds

out for another over-the-top weekend! Your best shot is to head downtown on Main. Last weekend to see BOB at Actors Theatre.  Bob’s the guy born in the White Castle at 1st and Market, grows up, and dreams the dream! Get your $10 ArtsRush tickets tonight and Sunday. Go to KMAC for Derby hats and more, Kentucky Center to see artwithoutwalls exhibit hanging from the ceiling, and If you have a ny energy left go to the Huff Gallery at Spalding University to see Frank Weisberg’s new exhibit. Say ‘hey” to Tori when you get there. What a story! Woman rows across the ocean and lands in Louisville to become president of Spalding. How lucky can we be? This town is FANTASTIC!

I couldn’t leave you on tax day without giving something back. Friends help friends. Right? Find Fund for the Arts on facebook and “like” us or KMAC (Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft) and you’ll get a 10% discount on everything in the KMAC retail shop through Derby. What a deal!

It’s SHOWTIME –  Bacon Ball, Ballet, Speed, Sesame Street, PNC, Rebublic Bank, Wells Fargo, Trover, Main Street Live, KMAC, The Benefits Firm and many more. Click here to see the photos.

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