Louisville Youth Orchestra board members proudly display four checks from projects funded on power2give

You may have heard the story of how the Louisville Youth Orchestra (LYO) funded the second project on power2give by asking patrons at their holiday concert to NOT turn off their cell phones, but rather, leave them on so they could donate to their Pop Goes the D String project. With Executive Director, Melody Welsh Buchholz, literally running on and off stage between pieces to update the audience on how close they were to their goal, the crowd was buzzing with excitement, and the project fully funded before the end of the show. After such success, some may think the LYO would sit back and rest on their laurels. But no! Melody and her board kept pushing forward, and have shown a powerful presence on power2give. They didn’t just fund one more project, or two, or even three. That’s right, the LYO funded four more projects on power2give!

You can check them all out by clicking the links below.

Keep the Pig on the Road
The wheels on the trailer DO NOT go round and round
No fighting over the cowbell

I’m sure by now you are wishing you had been one of the many donors who made these projects possible. Don’t fret! LYO has four more projects posted on power2give, ready to accept your donation! Click here to see what new and exciting projects are waiting for you.

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