This week the Assemblies of God: National Youth Convention and Fine Arts Festival rolled into Louisville bringing with it thousands of talented young men and women. Louisville’s arts rich community is always ready to receive young talent. As you watch the video listen at the end as the young woman singing turns to the two young men and says, “it was nice to meet you,” shakes their hands and walks away. Then the young men walk over to the Guitarist and drummer and thank them, drop money in their box and also walk away.

The drummer and the guitarist, two young men, one young women, never having met before were able to create something beautiful on the sidewalks downtown and draw quite a crowd.

This kind of spontaneous collaboration to make art is why Louisville is a Great American City!

From Wikipedia:

“In her book, Underground Harmonies: Music and Politics in the Subways of New York, Susie J. Tanenbaum examined how the adage “Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast” plays out in regards to busking. Her sociological studies showed that in areas where buskers regularly perform, crime rates tended to go down, and that those with higher education tended to appreciate and support buskers more than those of lesser learning. Some cities are encouraging buskers because they can be a tonic to the stresses of shopping and commuting, and can be an influence which is entertaining and beneficial for all.”

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