Last Thursday evening I enjoyed my first of many experiences in Shakespeare in the Park! Accompanying the Fund for the Arts staff, we met prior to the show for some BBQ with our friends from NeXt!, Farnsley by 40, as well as a few inspired board members! Upon arriving, we received a cordial welcome by Kentucky Shakespeare’s Producing Artistic Director, Brantley Dunaway. Generously providing the group with complimentary bug repellant and a comfy seat in the elite Adirondack chairs, we were destined for a fantastic night. The production began promptly at 8:30 with a brief introduction by our Acting President and CEO, Barbara Sexton Smith, and Dunaway announcing our campaign totals and thanking the audience for their generous support of the Fund for the Arts.

“As You Like It” opened with a comedic 1960’s flair featuring period costumes paired with the traditional Shakespearean Iambic pentameter. We were quickly introduced to Rosalind (Madison Dunaway) and Orlando (Bryan Austin) who immediately fell in love at first sight. Tragically, they are quickly separately exiled to the Forest of Arden and are heartbroken at the thought of never seeing each other again. After a whirlwind of events, including a cross-dressed Rosalind and a hysterical flock of goats; the two reunite in the finale.

Kentucky Shakespeare has certainly outdone itself, yet again in this hysterical interpretation of “As You Like It.” It was a perfect way to mix work and pleasure by enlisting friends of the Fund while supporting our Cultural Partners for a truly, enjoyable evening.

I hope to see you around the arts community this summer!

~Emily Nash
Summer Intern

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