Barbara & 2 Shelby County School bus drivers here at Stage one Family Theatre to see Lyle the Crocodile

From Rosie to roses many records were set last week. The Fund for the Arts wants to place an imaginary garland of roses over the Humana building for generating more than ONE MILLION dollars during this years campaign. That’s right! This is the largest single gift received by the Fund for the Arts in our 63 year history.

Another rose garland goes to Metro Council President Jim King for his stellar performance in bringing the Louisville Orchestra Management and Musicians together. Thanks to Jim and many others we hear music in the air!

Derby fever got the best of Steve Trager and Republic Bank and Associates in a great way. Last Friday they placed their bet again on power2give by releasing another $33,333 in matching funds for 2012 Check out the 35 projects posted now -there is something for everyone. Thank you Republic Bank!

Visit our member group summer camp line up for all the details on the best arts camps in town for your child!

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Barbara Sexton Smith
President & CEO
Fund for the Arts

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