We caught up with Janene Grantz, TARC Community Outreach Manager, who has been leading TARC’s Workplace Campaign for the past six years.

Why are the arts meaningful to you?

The arts can transport me to new places.  They lift my spirits move me to laugh, cry, sing or dance,  The arts bring beauty into my life.

What kind of arts education did you have as a student?  

I had 10 wonderful years of ballet with Joy Williams Bell.  I was not the finest student in the class but she always insisted I give her my best. I can still see her graceful movements, her head tilted, eyes gazing up, and her perfect posture.

What are some of your favorite local arts organizations? 

Louisville Orchestra, Speed Museum, Louisville Ballet, and the Broadway Series.

How do you feel the Fund for the Arts Workplace Campaign engages you and your coworkers?

The campaign brings out the best in our team.  Everyone has a story about a recent arts event and I’m always discovering employee talent.

How do you conduct your Workplace Campaign? 

We like to have fun and showcase TARCs’ vast  talent pool!  Many TARC drivers, mechanics and administration are gifted, singers , musicians and artists.   The marketing team creates a video starring team members showcasing their talent and captures personal testimonials expressing the value of the Fund.  Staff often share the numerous ways the Fund has touched their and their children’s lives   Finally, we sweeten the day with candy and door prizes.

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