We had a chance to get to chat with Amy Edelen, Principal Human Resources Business Partner, who has been leading the Courier-Journal’s Workplace Campaign for an incredible 23 years.

Why do you choose to be a Campaign Chair?

It’s simple – I love the arts!

Why are the arts meaningful to you?

I always enjoyed the arts as a young child.  You can use your wildest imagination and dream the most wonderful dream through arts.

What kind of arts education did you have as a student?

Music and theatrical performance, dance, drama, as well as church play writing and performances.

How do you feel Fund for the Arts Workplace Campaign engages you and your coworkers?

They bring the arts directly to our employees.  Bringing in live performances, arts, crafts, etc., and giving staffers a glimpse of what is out there that some of us may or may not be aware of and or tapping into. Fund for the Arts comes in our building at various times and dates going directly to the departments where our employees work.  They interact in various ways with each group.  During some of the these presentations our employees have also shared how they have been personally impacted by Fund for the Arts.

How do you conduct your Fund for the Arts Workplace Campaign?

We generally run our campaign for 2 weeks.  Allowing the Fund to come in to set up in our lobby interacting with employees for hours to kick off the campaign, conducting 15 minute presentations to the various departments as well as our leadership team, allowing a wide range of performances throughout the campaign, sending out massive communication to our employees, utilizing both the Fund’s eCampaign and pledge card donation methods as well as allowing Fund to walk through the operation informing and/or alerting employees about the Fund.

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