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High school students crouch outside on asphalt, bending over little trays holding carefully arranged leaves.

About Us:

Tricia Hart is a visual artist, Art Therapist, and a Teaching Artist, guided by the principals that art is a universal language, art has the ability to heal, and everyone is creative.

Age Range(s)
Adults (25-64), Ages 15 and Up, All Ages (Children Through Seniors), Children (0-14), Seniors (65 years and over), Teens (13-18), Youth (15-24)
Tricia Hart (She/Her)

Art is a universal language. Art has the ability to heal. Everyone is creative. These three basic principles are the guidelines for how Tricia Hart functions as a visual artist, Art Therapist, and a Teaching Artist. She values the opportunity to provide unique visual arts experiences to people of all ages and abilities where she is able to share these principles with others. She is trained to work with a large variety of visual art media, including drawing materials, paint, fiber arts, collage, clay and other sculpture materials and to adapt these mediums appropriately for her clients/students. Her goals when working with others include providing age-appropriate materials and instructions that allow them to have a successful art experience where they can express themselves, develop new skills, and begin experiencing the healing power of art.

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