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A Black and white photo of two teachers and about 10 smiling kids and youth in a close circle, hands placed into the center as though about to cheer.

About Us:

Nipsey Green is a multi-disciplined artist. Mainly a Writer/Producer/Director offering playwriting workshops for the development and performance of 10-minute plays.

Age Range(s)
Teens (13-18)
Nipsey Green (He/Him)

Nipsey Green is a multi-disciplined artist. Mainly a Writer/Producer/Director. From 2014-2017 he ran a Black theater company called Smoked Apple Theatre Group. In 2015 they started a free theater camp for the youth in the west end. They would teach them the different skills that would make up a theater production and at the end of camp the kids would put on a whole production that they would run themselves. Some of the kids went on to doing bigger and better things. Nipsey Green loves working with and teaching children the Arts. Especially children of color. The program he would like to offer is an 8-week class teaching 8-10 kids between the ages of 13-18, over the course of 8 weeks how to write a 10-minute play. He would like to meet with them 3x a week (2 in person, 1 virtual). He would teach them how to format and write a 10-page script from idea to completion. He would take them on a field trip to a 10-minute play showcase. At the end of the program, they would be presented with a certificate, (after completing a 10-minute play) certifying they are officially a playwright. 3 weeks to a month later there will be a staged reading with actors presenting their works to family and friends.

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