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About a dozen adults sit on fold-out chairs in a close circle, playing musical instruments including fiddles and an upright bass.

About Us:

Louisville Folk School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to engage the folk music traditions of Kentuckians through education and performance, building on the rich cultural history of the bluegrass state while creating community through the arts.

Age Range(s)
Adults (25-64), Ages 15 and Up, All Ages (Children Through Seniors), Children (0-14), Seniors (65 years and over), Teens (13-18), Youth (15-24)
David Howard (He/Him)

At the Louisville Folk School, we’re passionate about fostering a sense of community through the power of music. Our school is a thriving hub for music lovers, offering classes on traditional and contemporary instruments in various styles. We aim to preserve Kentucky’s rich musical heritage while embracing folk music’s evolving nature.

Our programs include group classes, private lessons, and interactive workshops on acoustic instruments and folk repertoire. Students can study voice, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, mountain dulcimer, West African percussion, and music theory.

Beyond education, the Louisville Folk School is a thriving center for cultural engagement. We host concerts, jam sessions, and special events that unite local and visiting artists, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment. Our programs extend into local schools and community centers, enriching students’ lives with performances and hands-on learning experiences.

In the past year, we’ve engaged over 4,000 participants through our on-site and off-site programs, including in public schools and community events. Our efforts go beyond music education; we strive to create a sense of belonging and to build bridges within our diverse community through the universal language of music.

The Louisville Folk School is not just a space to learn music—it’s a place where cultural traditions are celebrated, new friendships are formed, and the joy of folk music is shared with all.

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