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Deanna stands in front of a backdrop of colorful bricks, actively explaining something to a group, gesturing with one arm lifted.

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Deanna Atchley has over 20 years of cheerleading and dance experience.

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Adults (25-64), Ages 15 and Up, All Ages (Children Through Seniors), Children (0-14), Seniors (65 years and over), Teens (13-18), Youth (15-24)
Deanna Atchley (She/Her)

Deanna Atchley has over 20 years of cheerleading and dance experience. At a young age, Deanna became interested in dance. She took recreational dance classes throughout elementary and middle school. As a Louisville native, Deanna grew up in a competitive cheerleading environment and started taking tumbling lessons at the internationally known Gym Tyme for several years. As a Louisville Male High School cheerleader, Deanna won an Americheer National Championship, followed by an NCA National Championship in the Medium Varsity Division. Deanna was also named an NCA All-American. Deanna was fortunate enough to be coached by Brad Habermel (Cheer Athletics) while at Male. In addition, she was a member of Male’s Award-Winning Show Choir for all four years.

Personal Artist Statement: To utilize dance as a form of creative expression to connect, enrich, inspire, and empower others in an inclusive positive environment. Specifically for West African Dance and drumming.

Drum Programming: To study, preserve, and promote the richness of African culture (and that of the African Diaspora) through dance and drumming.

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