This week I wanted to share a project that is very close to being fully funded.   So today we point our spotlight toward the Louisville Youth Orchestra’s “Keep the Pig on the Road” project.  As I read the project description, I felt a lump form in my throat.  Let me share it with you:

The woman was clearly in her late 80s or thereabout. She slowly came forward in her wheelchair and handed our Concert Orchestra conductor a ceramic pig. She had made the pig in occupational therapy and had worked worked on it for weeks. The pig was her way of saying thank you for the annual performance brought to her nursing home by our youngest ensemble (35 elementary school string players).

Every year these members give up a full Saturday to travel to several nursing homes and play for the patients living there – all delighted to see our young musicians and hungry to hear the music they bring. However, the cost of our bus ($672) and lunch ($280) and snacks ($56) for our members has increased to a point where this trip may no longer be possible. Our pig wants to stay on the road (She goes with us every year!). Can you help us keep her traveling to these wonderful seniors who want to keep hearing and seeing our young musicians?

I have a Grandmother in a nursing home right now, and it touches my heart to know that there are groups out there who will bring the art her.

The project is almost fully funded, as I mentioned above.  What is needed?  Well the project listing says $202.  But its a lot less than that thanks to the matching sponsor of this project, The Kentucky Arts Council!  What the LYO needs to bring music to these wonderful people is $101.00 from you.  That’s 2 friends giving $50.50 each, or 4 friends giving $25.25.    No matter how you divide it, its a great cause.  What do you say, can we complete this project today?

Together, through the Arts we create a great American city!

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