“There was so much excitement in me even when we were still on the bus.
I wish we could have stayed longer!”
– A Byck Elementary School student after attending the Fund for the Arts Kickoff

Education is one of the most critical challenges in our community. It can break the cycle of poverty, giving opportunities to our most disadvantaged children.

When we make Arts education a priority in schools it drastically increases engagement, academic success, and ultimately grows a more educated, talented workforce.

In a recent study at Boston Children’s Hospital, they found that music does indeed make you smarter. Dr. Nadine Gaab wrote:

“While many schools are cutting music programs and spending more and more time on test preparation, our findings suggest that musical training may actually help to set up children for a better academic future.”

I have three children myself; one starting kindergarten, another in 2nd grade, and my youngest still at daycare. I couldn’t be more excited for the friendships, teachers, knowledge and – thanks to you – Art coming their way!

Through your support of the Fund for the Arts and the Barbara Sexton Smith Education Enhancement Fund we are pleased to announce Arts education funding opportunities for the coming school year. Very soon we will be seeing those yellow school buses lining Main street, giving children across the region memorable and transformative Arts experiences.

Susan French, principal at Lincoln Performing Arts School, said “Someone once told me that Arts are the icing on an education cupcake. But that is not true. Arts are an essential ingredient in that cupcake.” At the Fund for the Arts, it is part of our mission that every child in our region participates in the Arts each year of their education.

The EVERY CHILD Arts Education Initiative includes programs serving all grade levels and across all Arts disciplines, with a range of visual and performing arts. The programs are connected to the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s core educational content and complement what students are learning in the classroom.

Check out the programs below, including opportunities for schools, teachers, and students, and forward this email to other educators and parents!

jpeg (1) 5×5 FUNDING
JCPS students participate in five Arts experiences by 5th grade!
Application Deadline: Sep. 1st
Age: Elementary
teacher grants TEACHER ARTS GRANTS
Teachers apply for funding for local Arts programs
Application Deadline: Sep. 1st
Scholarships available to train in music, theatre and visual arts
Application Deadline: Sep.10th
Age: Elementary
*Must attend a participating 5×5 School.

Because of your generosity, our local Arts scene is able to provide more than 400,000 Arts experiences to children in our region every year.  We know that Art brings color and passion to our lives and life to our communities.  Thank you for making a difference in our community, and in the lives of our children.

christen sig

Stamp SignatureChristen Boone
President & CEO
Fund for the Arts

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