2011 NEXT! Alumni Nick Phelps

Next Alumni, Nick Phelps tells us the benefits of being apart of the program.

The NeXt program was the perfect way to enter back into the Louisville community as a young professional. After living elsewhere for 5 years, there wasn’t a better place to begin my community involvement. It enabled me to get plugged into the arts community and to network with dozens of up and coming leaders of Louisville. I wish it was a ten year program!

I grew up loving Actors Theatre but through NeXt! got to learn about the dozen plus organizations that the Fund supports. We got to meet the leaders and artist within each and get a ‘backstage’ view of how they are run. Not to mention that complimentary tickets to many events was a nice perk! NeXt! is a incredible opportunity for any young professional in Louisville.

NeXt! is a prestigious leadership development program sponsored by the Fund for the Arts for young professionals from some of Louisville’s most prominent businesses. Our goal is to prepare the next generation for volunteer leadership roles in the area of arts and cultural interests with a strategic focus on strong corporate citizenship. The NeXt! generation of Arts champions will be fully prepared to infuse new energy and life into the strong foundation currently supporting our vibrant Arts scene.

For more information on NEXT!  Click HERE  or contact Meghan Mando at the Fund for the Arts.

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