The Fund for the Arts was honored with the Corey Medallion on Friday, August 10th at the Lexington Opera House by the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America.  This nationally recognized award is given to people and organizations who exemplify the mission of the CTFA – “To Challenge and support theatre artists to achieve excellence in service to young people”.

President & CEO Barbara Sexton Smith accepted the Corey Medallion on behalf of the Fund for the Arts. During her acceptance speech, she acknowledged, “I stand here as a representative of those who have come before, those who have left a legacy of commitment.”  Past leaders mentioned by name during Sexton’s remarks include, Mayor Charles Farnsley – founder of the Fund for the Arts, Owsley Brown II and Alberta Allen.

This honor comes on the heels of one of the most successful campaigns in the history of the Fund for the Arts that marked an end to a two year decline in giving.

2012 Corey Medallion honorees include The Fund for the Arts, the Lexington Children’s Theatre; Ruth Heinig, a member of the College of Fellows of American Theatre and storyteller; and Nat Eek, Dean Emeritus of Fine Arts at the University of Oklahoma.

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