Join Walden Theatre for this exciting performance based on detailed journals and workshop discussions with students from the Academy @ Shawnee and the ESL Newcomer Academy.

Please join the talented Connecting Cultures ensemble of Walden Theatre teens as they break down cultural barriers and explore the social narratives, stereotypes, and personal histories that shape the lives of young people everywhere–regardless of origins or expectations.

Walden Theatre is proud to present this moving, personal, and surprising collaboration among directors Hallie Dizdarevic and Melinda Crecelius, the talented actors in Walden’s Conservatory Program, and students from The Academy at Shawnee and the ESL Newcomer Academy. After several months of effort, creativity, writing, theatre exercises, and discussions by the students involved in a Walden Theatre Outreach Education residency at Newcomer and Shawnee, Walden Theatre students and directors have devised a show that reveals the surprising similarities among students of different cultural origins.Public performances will be held on the Nancy Niles Sexton Stage (1123 Payne Street, Louisville 40204), and all are free of charge and open to the public. Reservations are recommended.

Call 502.589.0084 to reserve or for more information.

April 27 @ 7:30pm
April 28 @ 2pm
April 28 @ 7:30pm

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About the Connecting Cultures Program:

During a school-day residency in partnership with the Academy @ Shawnee and the ESL Newcomer Academy, Walden Theatre teaching artists lead a combined classroom in expressive theatre activities that allowed students to experiment with storytelling. Students worked together in a safe environment to explore and share thoughts and feelings about growing up in various cultures–all in a way that transcended cultural and language barriers.Walden Theatre’s Conservatory actors used journals by their Shawnee and Newcomer peers to create an original theatrical work to build understanding and raise public awareness about the struggles, journeys, and triumphs of friends and neighbors.

In addition to learning about drama, participating students learned about identifying & analyzing stereotypes, improving language skills, strengthening emotional literacy, expressing empathy, developing leadership & confidence, self-expression & creativity, and building community.

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