The Bon Air Neighborhood Association (BANA) dedicated the “At the Top of the Highlands” public mural on Friday, September 26, 2014.  Metro Council President Jim King, Councilman Brent Ackerson, and Fund for the Arts President & CEO Christen Boone attended the celebration.

“This magnificent work was conceived of by the residents of Bon Air with the intent of making a significant positive impact towards improved economic revitalization of our business corridor along Bardstown Road from The Watterson Expressway to Hikes Lane.” said Bon Air Neighborhood Association (BANA) President Evelyn DeCuir. “We are grateful to the Fund for the Arts for making possible an efficient method to fundraise to support this project and its continued maintenance through www.power2give.org, and believe that all community neighborhood organizations can benefit.”

The mural was created to brighten up a wide stretch of concrete along the Watterson Expressway ramps along Bardstown Road and features images of nearby history like the original Bashford Manor, Abraham Lincoln and the Farmington homestead. The Bon Air Neighborhood Association (BANA) commissioned the work for the mural nearly two years ago selecting artist Sabra Lynne as the designer. “We have a vision of helping boost our cultural, social, and economic life in our neighborhood and for our neighbors” said DeCuir, “BANA may or may have not been the reason for the positive growth we are seeing in the economic revitalization of our neighborhood. But we have been stirring this pot publicly since 2009 and now, with the completion of the mural, we send a message 24 hours a day, seven days a week that Bon Air, The Top of the Highlands, is open, ready, willing, and able to help make positive change happen.”

For more photos and to follow the progress of the mural project visit:  www.facebook.com/banamural

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