We are bubbling with excitement here at the Fund in our last days of this years Campaign drive!  This week we are having a grand time celebrating the Arts with Mercer, Inc.!

Mercer Inc. had two events scheduled in their building lobby this week as well as a special lunch as RiRa restaurant! YUM!   Yesterday’s event was Louisville Ballet.   Employees posed with Elizabeth, a Louisville Ballet Trainee.   Today’s event featured artists from the LVAA painting and showing us their wonderful talents.  Lunch at Ri Ra is on Wednesday and 20% of purchases benefit the Fund for the Arts.

The Mercer, Inc. Fund for the Arts Campaign Committee set a goal of tripling participation in the campaign this year!  To encourage participation, they are having a competition among floors.  The floor with the largest % participation wins an ice cream party!   I like chocolate Mercer Inc., make a note of that!

We have been having so much fun with them we had to come here and share our fun with you.  To schedule a corporate campaign in your office please contact Alison Hansen at the Fund for the Arts today!

Download your photos from our Flickr account!


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