Each camper will have a unique art experience from learning clay, printmaking and sculpture to writing and creating books, wearable art, painting portraits and more!  There are six full day one-week camps and three half day one –week workshops to chose from running June 16 – August 8, 2014

Summer Art Camp Class Descriptions

SUMMER CAMP OFFERINGS FOR AGES 7-12 at LVAA @Clifton Center, $230/week for Non-Members $205/week for Members:

Week: June 16-20

9:00-12:00 Beyond SELFIES, Teacher: Janet Britt
Students will learn about themselves as they experiment with a variety of media and techniques as they create unique self-portraits as well as as portraits of others. Creating a personal mask using wood, clay and other media will conclude this exciting week.

1:00-4:00 Process Art Class, Teacher: Mandy Ross
Dive in and explore the amazing brave world of Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Monet and Kandinsky, all the while creating with your own twist! Each camper will have a fun lesson on a particular modern master painter and use fun, creative mediums, like sticks, rocks, acrylics, feathers and fingers just to enjoy the journey of creating and see what magical things happen!! Fun and expression are the goal!

Week: June 23-27

9:00-12:00 Painting Lab, Teacher: Janet Britt
This week is designed for the young artist that can’t get enough of painting. We will create original artwork inspired by other artists, unique methods and a variety of materials. Each student will experiment with watercolor, acrylic paint and India ink. Plain air painting inspired by the Clifton community garden will be a highlight.. Come paint and grow!

1:00-4:00 Messy, Mushy and Gushy, Teachers: Jackie Pallesen & Sarah Davis
Get up to your elbows in everything sticky, sloppy, and goopy! Campers will use a variety of materials to experiment and fearlessly create unique artistic works. Learn about contemporary artists as well as artists in history who weren’t afraid to get messy with their art.

Week: July 7-11

9:00-12:00 Woodworking, Papermaking & Collage, Teacher: Janet Britt
Wood, painting and found objects are the media of choice for many artists. This week will challenge your young artist to repurpose and transform things others might see as trash into artistic treasures. All they will need to bring is their imagination!

1:00–4:00 Sequential Art, Teacher: Carrie Neumayer
Superheroes, gag cartoons and escapism generally come to mind when one thinks of comics. However, comics are a form of sequential art that can encompass a broad range of subjects and functions. Campers will explore cartooning and storytelling techniques while creating their own comic.

Week: July 14-18

9:00–12:00 One Scary Library, Teacher: Annette Cable
From the top of the Empire State Building and One Hungry monster, from the silliest corners of your brain and underneath your bed, we make, we create, yes, it is alive! We will bring to life our own (not too scary) creatures, our own Frankenstein monsters, our own little Mike Wazowskis, with paper and pencil, markers, paints, glue, stuff, needles and thread, our imaginations! Picture books, flip books, journals to keep track of our experimentations, comics, we write them, we draw them, we put them together. No blood and guts allowed, just ferocious fun!!!

1:00-4:00 Monsters and Shadow Boxes, Teacher: Sunny Ra
If you could create your own monster, what would it look like? Where would it live? In this mixed media class, you will create your own monster and its habitat in a shadow box! You will learn about all the unique terrain that makes up planet earth from exotic jungles of Brazil to the awesomeness of outer space so that you can create the most imaginary and wacky world for your monster!

Week: July 21-25

9:00-12:00 Back to the Future, Teachers: Jackie Pallesen & Sarah Davis
We’re going to build, collage, and paint our way through history with the best time machine of all– our imagination! Will dinosaurs sit down to tea with Queen Elizabeth? Will your family go on an adventure to Mars? Only time will tell!

1:00-4:00 Gizmos, Gadgets, and Doodads, Teacher: Susanna Crum
What kind of machine would like to invent? A robot? A spaceship? Build, print, paint, collage, and transform found objects into your own unique sculpture. Then, create a poster to advertise your invention! The sky is the limit and the wackier the better!

Week: July 28-August 1st

9:00-12:00 Crafty Crafty!, Teacher: Annette Cable
Anything goes when the art supply cabinet is open! Perhaps paint, paper, fabric, and glue become dolls, puppets, and paper airplanes. Found objects, sculpey clay, beads and yarns crate treasure boxes, wild animals, and more. The sky is the limit in this camp!

1:00-4:00 Papier Mache, Teacher: Wilma Bethel
Create a papier mache sculpture of your pet or an animal you love! By using your drawings and/or photographs of your pet, you will create a papier macho sculpture of an animal– whether it is real, unreal, or abstract. You will learn different methods to create papier macho including the pulp method, the strip method, and the sheet method.

HALF DAY AND HIGH SCHOOL OFFERINGS, $150/week for Non-Members, $125/week for Members:

Week: June 16-20, 23- 27 Ages 15-18 LVAA @ Clifton Center Digital Lab

12:00-5:00 Stop Motion Camp, Teachers: Rudy Salgado & Susanna Crum- two weeks.
This course will introduce students to stop-motion animation– a collaborative adventure that incorporates drawing, storyboarding, writing, design, construction, performance, digital photography, and sound editing. Though it’s necessary for each student to focus on just a few of these areas, we will encourage everyone to engage in all aspects of the animation process. At the end of the session, students will have written, directed, produced, and edited a three minute stop-motion animation to be featured in a public screening. Students will have a wonderful addition to their portfolio– in a medium that most students in this region do not have access to!

Week: June 16-19, 23-24 Ages 10-14 @ Providence High School

June 16-19 for building at Providence High School
June 23 & 24 for glazing at Providence High School
June 30 for pick-up at LVAA @ Clifton Center
9:00-12:00 Clay Camp, Teacher: Donna Burden

This unique pottery program offers a total hands-on experience using both hand building and wheel-throwing techniques. Classes are small and designed for individual instruction.

Week: August 4-8 Ages 10-14 LVAA @Clifton Center Digital Lab

9:00-12:00 Photography Camp, Teacher: Sarah Davis
Participants will learn the art and skill of photography in this half-day camp. We will cover several photographic techniques from historic cyanotype printing to digital manipulation– and lots in between! Students will have the chance to use a professional DSLR camera, to be a “lighting technician”, and to learn to edit in Photoshop.


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