On Friday October 25th, the Kentucky School of Art took 43 of its students, ranging from Freshmen to Seniors, to the Louisville Zoo as part of KSA’s “Audubon On and On” project series.

Each student had a specific assignment and focus for the day. Students of Aaron Lubrick focused on “Figure,” students of Valerie Fuchs focused on “Sound” and students of Laurie Fader focused on “Color,” to name a few. Students were armed with cameras and sketchbooks as they set off for a sunny, cool day at the zoo.

The first stop was the Meta Zoo, where Zoo educators gave a lecture about the history, extinction, various habitats and environmental issues that different bird species experience. The educators walked around the room with different birds such as the Grey Horned Owl, and a colorful Parrot, so that students could get a close look. The students then spent the day walking around the zoo, capturing their surroundings and inspiration through various mediums.

The art pieces that culminate from the zoo trip will be eligible to be on display in the final piece of the “Audubon On and On” project, which is a grand Gallery show in KSA’s 849 Gallery, during the Spring Gala. This show will feature prominent artists from around the country, as well as KSA students, all with the common theme of James Audubon’s birds.


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