Board Member Ed Glasscock & Nancy Anderson from Frost Brown Todd

Board Member Ed Glasscock & Nancy Anderson from Frost Brown Todd

By: Fred Johnson, Director of Workplace Giving

It has been an amazing journey meeting thousands upon thousands of folks across our community through the Fund for the Arts Workplace Campaign! I am in constant awe of the level of commitment and generosity from so many who represent diverse business sectors and backgrounds. Did you know that the majority of our 20,000 donors give $1 a week? When you add it all up, their support allows us to not only fuel a wide-array of arts organizations but it also helps us increase access to the arts for all member of our community. I’m proud to share some updates from a handful of our Workplace Campaigns:

  • Frost Brown Todd had a significant increase of over $5000 this year, climbing from 67 to 100 employees participating as a result of the inspirational and innovative leadership of campaign coordinator Liam Felsen.  We will feature an in-depth interview with Liam in the coming weeks to identify the best practices he employed to produce such remarkable results.
  • Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) raised over $2000 more dollars with increased participation from the 2015.  This increase is largely due to the great work of Amanda Sisley, the campaign coordinator.
  • Doe Anderson increased by nearly $1000 from last year as a result of the leadership of President and CEO Todd Spencer and the exceptional organizational skills of Brittany Campisano.
  • With the leadership of Labor Advisory Council member Steve Stone and Fund for the Arts Board member Vera Newton, the Louisville Ford Assembly Plant sponsored two lunchtime arts impact informational sessions featuring the talent of Western Middle School.  This was the first time the Fund for the Arts had the opportunity to engage Ford employees to demonstrate how arts inspire student success.
  • Due to the exceptional organization of campaign coordinator Marsha Bruder and the leadership of Sister Chris Beckett, Presentation Academy increased its contributions and participation this year, raising nearly $1000 above last year’s giving.
  • With the leadership of Labor Advisory Council Member Bill Miller and Jonathon Hiser, the Fund for the Arts was given its first opportunity to discuss arts impact with the Zenith Logistics employees.

There’s certainly plenty more work ahead of us for the 2016 Campaign- but I am so grateful to all of our donors especially those Workplace Chairpersons that put their passion to work day in and day out for the arts and for our community!

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