Imagine if...

Arts, culture, and creativity are fully integrated into daily life and accessible to everyone in every neighborhood, every day. More art for more people in more places.

Access to arts and culture across neighborhoods and communities build more connected and engaged citizens, bringing people together from across the region, and creating safer, healthier people and neighborhoods. Arts and culture have the power to enrich lives, create connections and revitalize communities. But this is only true if everyone across broad and diverse communities has access to them. To ensure this is so, neighborhoods must be connected, arts hubs and creative districts must be woven together, celebrating and building on what exists, creating an accessible and open fabric of opportunities to experience and participate in arts and culture.

Strategy 1

Ensure arts and culture programming is available in every neighborhood.

  • Action 1 – Connect artists and organizations to targeted neighborhoods through libraries, parks, and community centers, targeting under-served communities as a priority.
  • Action 2 – Identify new funding to support neighborhood-based arts programming.

Strategy 2

Make access to information about arts and culture experiences, programs, and events available to everyone.

  • Action 1 – Identify the one site for all artists and organizations to promote their events and programs, with the ability to filter by neighborhood, encourage other community partners to utilize this one site, and promote broadly through media partners and local newspapers to diverse audiences and languages.

Strategy 3

Build a dynamic public art program with investments downtown and in neighborhoods.

  • Action 1 – Advocate for public funding and establish local policies to incorporate arts and culture into city planning and development projects
  • Action 2 – Connect with Louisville Tourism’s strategic destination plan for neighborhood public art investments
  • Action 3 – Explore combining the Imagine Mural Festival with a planned Ali Black Arts Festival.

Strategy 4

Continue the regional approach to the Cultural Pass and create a model to incorporate performing arts to expand the opportunities for families year-round.

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