At Humana Blankenbaker today, March 22 Рthe sketches, croquis, and people Bart Galloway was inspired to use in his painting.  Working outside the employee dining room, he had plenty of inspiration from the space, the workers, and those eating their lunch.

Artist Bart Galloway, at Humana Blankenbaker, working on a painting for HUMbay, Humana’s internal auction site, to raise money for the Fund for the Arts 2012 campaign.

An interested employee stops by the almost-completed painting, and chats with Bart about his skill. The painting will be available on Humana’s HUMbay auction site, and the money raised goes to the Humana Fund for the Arts campaign.

Here’s the finished piece – Bart Galloway’s impression of the busy, bustling employee dining room at Humana Blankenbaker! Bart’s collage includes a painted background and separate paper figures and shapes, integrated with the whole by colors and brushstrokes. Several people recognized themselves – and others! Rose, a hard-working cashier, was spotted by everyone who admired the piece, in-progress and finished! The painting is available on HUMbay, the Humana auction site for the 2012 Fund for the Arts campaign.

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