Kimmi Hebdon, French Horn

First Prize: Kimmi Hebdon

Rising Freshman, Northwestern University
High School: Martha Layne Collins High School
Discipline: French Horn
Years of Study: 7

What does it mean to you to pursue a music career at Northwestern in Chicago?
It means a great deal to me! Having the advantage of a big city with a lot of musical opportunities will help me network and experience things that other colleges and cities don’t offer. I am most looking forward to playing with some incredibly talented peers and learning from top notch professors every day.

Music has always been a huge part of my life, and the French horn, ever since I was little, has been my favorite orchestral instrument. I fell in love with its image and its sound. When I play, I feel a sense of purpose, like playing this instrument is what I’m supposed to do. When I was little, I visited an “instrument petting zoo” where I first saw a French horn. To me, it was just a weird, twisty, shiny thing, and I wanted to play it. I was able to make a noise, and I loved it ever since.

It feels great to help break these masculinity stereotypes. I have many female brass-player mentors in my life, and they continually inspire me. I also hope to inspire little girls to follow their dreams and to do as they please, no matter the stigma or stereotype.

Second Prize: Bailey Pierce

Rising Freshman, Manhattan School of Music
High School: YPAS
Discipline: Musical Theatre
Years of Study: 9

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2019 Panelists

  • Terri Foster, Executive Director, Louisville Youth Choir
  • Michael Drury, Producing Artistic Director, Bunbury Theatre
  • Heather Burns,  Outreach Director, Commonwealth Theatre Center
  • Sara Callaway, Director, Louisville Academy of Music
  • Luke Darville, Orchestra Director, Western Middle & Mount Calvary Academy of Music
  • Frank Goodloe, Performance Director, CenterStage
  • Barbara Jamison, Director, Kentucky Opera
  • Uwe Kern, Senior Ballet Master, Louisville Ballet
  • Douglas Shadle, Doctor of Musicology, Vanderbilt & UofL

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