Charlie Franck and Mayor Charles Farnsley with the Children's Theatre Foundation of America Corey Medallion

The first day of school is right around the corner and we stopped by the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft to check in with Aldy Milliken and celebrate the success of this summer’s Schools Out=Arts In program. And what a success it has been! We look forward to many more years of this great program which connects arts groups to community centers throughout the region.  Many thanks to the Community Foundation of Louisville and AT&T for their sponsorships.

I am feeling so much gratitude this week. Last Friday I had the honor and privilege of accepting a national award on behalf of the Fund for the Arts. The Corey Medallion Award was presented to the Fund for the Arts by the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America. This is the first time a Kentucky organization has won this award.  Throughout the experience my heart turned to the many leaders who helped create this great American city for children’s theatre.  During my acceptance remarks I shared our rich history and the legacy left by Alberta Wood Allen who served as our Board Chairwoman and Campaign Chair many years ago.  I also talked about the inspired leadership and more than 30 years of service given to us by Owsley Brown II.

Take a look at this week’s video blog as we draw the Facebook giveaway winner of four tickets to see Kentucky Opera’s Tosca. After watching the very short video go to the comments section and list names of those you believe have helped make this a great American city!


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Barbara Sexton Smith
President & CEO
Fund for the Arts

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