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Art by Victor Sweatt

Title: Butterflies-

Medium: Oil on matt board

About the Artist

What does art mean to you? How does art heal?

Art is everything to me. Everything starts with the art of creation. The way we speak, the way we dress, everything. We each may speak English but how we use it is totally up to the individual. The same goes for the way we dress. Three people given the same t-shirt may wear it differently. One individual may fray the bottom of it, another tuck it into their pants, another cut off the sleeves, etc. Creation is infinite and can only be limited by the individual’s imagination. That’s why art is so important, to motivate and inspire one another.

The arts provide healing and wellness through vibrant colors and images for individuals, families, the community, and all viewers. An investment in the arts is an investment in America’s health. The arts also enhance coping, by stimulating the viewer to imagine new possibilities for their future, reducing stress levels of situational anxiety. Positive and empowering art frees the body’s healing mechanisms to heal, uniting the body, mind, and spirit.

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