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Art by Desmone Stepp

Title: Envelop

Medium: Charcoal and acrylic on paper

About the Artist

What does art mean to you? How Does art heal?

Art has always been my safe place. I remember being young, and never leaving the house without a few mechanical pencils in my pocket and a sketchbook. Long bus rides and endless classes where I just doodled and tuned everything else out. Art was, and still is, where I go to let go of worries and stress, doubts and anxiety. I am able to live presently within each stroke I paint and each mark I make.

Art heals through the freedom it gives. It seems to have this magic way of halting time and space, easing endless thinking minds, and lightening the hearts that can oftentimes feel too heavy to endure.

The only things that exist when I create art are my soul, the creation, and the love that is shared between the two.

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