School’s Out = Art’s In! provides a positive, engaging, and safe environment for youth in socio-economically-stressed zip codes outside school hours, while also providing youth with arts-rich educational experiences.

Community centers provide a variety of programs for neighborhood children throughout the year; however, few have the funds to engage students in professionally-led arts programs and camps. Through School’s Out = Art’s In, Fund for the Arts provides grants to community centers to work with arts organizations to develop out-of-school time programming that fits their students’ needs and interests.


Summer 2016 Impact:


  • 7 community centers
    • Parkhill Community Center
    • Portland Community Center
    • Shawnee Community Center
    • Shelby Park Community Center
    • Sun Valley Community Center
    • Smoketown Project with STEAM Exchange
    • Louisville Central Community Center
  • 2,092 arts experiences
  • More than 70% of students participating in School’s Out = Art’s In said that the program helped them to:
    • Learn new skills
    • Show empathy toward others
    • Improve their creativity
    • Increase their self-confidence

Please contact Christa Iwu, Impact Coordinator at the Fund for the Arts, with any questions:

P | 502.882.8695
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