Arts for Kosair Kids®

Arts for Kosair Kids® guarantees that youth in our community—regardless of location, specific needs, or barriers to participation— have access to tailored year-round arts residencies that cultivate talent and promote academic, social-emotional and physical achievements.

Arts for Kosair Kids® ensures FFTA’s ability to nurture sustained collaboration between the arts sector and community-based organizations. 

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Partner Agencies To-Date

  • Americana Community Center
  • Bellewood School
  • Boys + Girls Haven
  • Brooklawn School
  • Commonwealth Theatre Center
  • Heuser Hearing + Language Academy
  • Home of the Innocents
  • Louisville Central Community Center
  • Summit Academy
  • Visually Impaired Preschool Services

Arts Partners To-Date

  • Louisville Ballet
  • Louisville Visual Art
  • Louisville Youth Choir
  • Individual Teaching Artists:=
    • Amber Burns-Jones
    • Carly Franklin
    • Kristen Williams
    • Landon Horton
    • Lisa Simon
    • Martin Lindsey
    • Trina Fisher
    • Troy Bell

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Our initiative fulfills the following priorities:





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