Local artist Teri Dryden reflects on her immersive Shiro Oni Artist Residency in Onishi , Japan. Read on for more, and see what she’s brought back to Louisville at her exhibit opening reception tomorrow, Feb 9 at the B. Deemer Gallery on Frankfort Ave. www.teridryden.com

  • Exhibit: YUTURI by Teri Dryden
  • B. Deemer Gallery – 2650 Frankfort Ave
  • Feb 9 to March 12 2019
  • Reception: February 9 3–5p

My work is informed by extraordinary life experiences that have shaped my aesthetic and world view. I have an intense curiosity about places and the ways in which they connect, divide or define us… The more I’ve traveled and ventured out, the more I’ve come to recognize the tissue that connects us as humans no matter where we live, how we speak, what we eat and drink, how we love or what we find beautiful. I mine that rich tapestry of experience and attempt to create a universal language on canvas that can speak to everyone.

The time spent at Shiro Oni Residency has deeply refreshed my creative spirit, connected me with wonderful artists from countries such as Belgium, Korea and Mexico and opened my heart to the enchanting culture of Japan. I had the time to practice my art daily and I participated in many workshops including paper making, wood block printing and Japanese calligraphy. I have made friends with people from the village and we continue to stay in touch.

I experienced inspiration everywhere in this little town. Because it is surrounded by mountains and two large rivers, the colors of the land, sky and buildings have a soft misty glow about them and it has profoundly affected my artwork. I created over 50 pieces of art in 5 weeks. I discovered old papers and scrolls at a nearby antique store and incorporated them into my work

I have also become an ambassador for Louisville by introducing international artists to our vibrant art scene and Kentucky residency opportunities. I gave several talks about my process, taught elementary school kids how to create cyanotypes and exhibited my work alongside many talented international artists.

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