Here’s a shot from Brown-Forman Cooperage today.

Ellen, sporting ear plugs and safety glasses, is amazed by the char-firing process at the Brown Forman Cooperage. Jerry Nalley, production Manager at the Cooperage, took Ellen and Melody Schenk to view the charring process – a process only Brown-Forman in all the world, performs at its own cooperage.

The char fire at Brown-Forman Cooperage. The barrels are moved in, charred, and moved out; B-F makes around 2200 barrels a day, every day! The team at the Cooperage works six days a week, two shifts a day.

Brown Forman Cooperage employees sign up to support the Fund for the Arts 2012 campaign. B-F is our #2 workplace campaign, and their 58% of contributing employees is among the highest in FFTA workplace campaigns.

At the Brown-Forman Cooperage, the shift change is a busy time for the FFTA Campaign Coordinators! The generous employees at B-F take the time to sign up to support the Fund and our education programming, community performances, and our great American City!

Melody Schenk talks to Joe Pusateri, 2012 Campaign Chair, at the Brown-Forman Cooperage, while B-F employees fill out their pledge cards for the Fund. Brown-Forman is the only company making its own barrels for its whiskey, and the Cooperage turns out around 2200 barrels annually.

The Brown-Forman Cooperage table will catch everyone’s eye – raffle tickets, FFTA pledge cards, candy and snacks are ready to attract the hard-working Cooperage employees. In addition to supporting the Fund, our community performances and education initiatives, they can buy chances on prizes like B-F products, branded accessories, and even a flat screen TV!

Melody Schenk is ready at the Brown-Forman Cooperage table! Pledge cards, pens, and clip boards are all here, waiting for the shift change. Melody and Suzanne Huntsman have worked really hard to ensure a successful campaign at Brown-Forman, and we appreciate all their efforts!

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