Did you ever have a time when everything goes right? When you have an overwhelming sense of “Yes!”? There I was, front and center, at our Arts Showcase and Campaign Kick-Off. The kids were great. Every performance flawless and the comments by our Mayor Greg Fischer and 2011 Campaign Chair Jim Allen inspirational! And, the world was good.

See…I remember a campaign kick-off in 1978 when Wendell Cherry (co-founder of Humana Inc. and our 1978 Campaign Chair) and I handed out boxes of chicken to four dozen volunteers in the Victor Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre. And, I was there in the 1980’s when a Stage One actor tripped and fell off the stage. And then, there was the all-time high when our master of ceremonies showed up completely and utterly intoxicated. (Note – we no longer have a master of ceremonies). So, I know everything can go south in a hurry if you’re not prepared.

My point is this:  We are ready for the challenge. And, yes…I know all about the indigestion at the Louisville Orchestra. But, this is about something greater. The Fund for the Arts campaign is, quite simply, more than the sum of its parts.

In the 1950’s the Louisville Orchestra was the singular focus of our Arts. Actors Theatre came to life in the mid-1960’s and is now our largest Arts group in terms of size and audience. Our youth programs are superior. Our school education programs are growing. And, our Ballet and Opera give us pride and great performances.

What’s next? Who knows? No one in 1953 could have imagined our Arts as they are today. No one knows what the next installment will look, feel, and be like. No one.

But, it all begins with our single act of (self) confidence-bound generosity when we make our gifts to the Fund for the Arts campaign. Believe it? Click here and make your gift. Or, wait until we visit for your workplace campaign. Have a question? Click here and let me know what’s up.


Allan Cowen
President & CEO
Fund for the Arts

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