The official launch of power2give in Kentucky and Indiana is just weeks away! The Fund for the Arts’ staff has been busy meeting with local and regional nonprofit organizations preparing them to take advantage of this exciting opportunity! Fund for the Arts hosted trainings for its Cultural Partners, Metro United Way Agencies, Arts and Cultural Attractions Council members, LexArts and many other nonprofits to educate them on how power2give can benefit their organizations.

Most recently, Kentucky Arts Council (KAC) pledged matching funds for Kentucky Arts Partnership grant recipients that use power2give, meeting KAC requirements! The Fund sends a big THANK YOU to Kentucky Arts Council for their support! Stay tuned as the Fund for the Arts continues to expand its service area and broaden its reach!

What is power2give?

power2give is an online arts and cultural marketplace that matches donor interests to projects in our community through social media! It’s a micro-funding charitable donation platform developed by the Arts and Science Council in Charlotte, NC. Fund for the Arts is your regional power2give partner!

Who can post on power2give?

501(c)3 organizations with arts or cultural projects can submit them on power2give!

Where is power2give?

It’s online at!

When is power2give?

The Kentucky & Southern Indiana power2give site will be launching on December 5th!

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