The Visioning/Strategic Planning Committee has been hard at work and we are happy to publish the following organizational document!  It is important to know that this process is ongoing and there may be updates to time lines and structure as we move forward. Thank you for your support of Fund for the Arts as we enter into this exciting strategic planning phase! We know only good things are to come. And remember, together through the Arts, we create a great American city!



The Visioning/Strategic Panning Committee is an ad hoc committee. It has been formed to create a process to consider three key questions:

 1. What is our business? Our Mission and Vision
2. What characteristics will our new leader need to posses? Job Description
3. How do we get from here to there? Our Strategy      

The committee members are:
Angela Leet
Ted Nixon
Jenifer Bielstein
Alison Erwin Hansen
Greg Heitzman
Stephen Klein
Chuck Maisch
Elizabeth Mays
Tom Noland
Sadiqa Reynolds

Additional Members, not to exceed a total of 20, will be identified and invited to join the committee, as needed skill sets are further identified though the Strategic Planning Process.

This ad hoc committee will report operationally to the FFTA’s Chairman and Executive Committee.


 In order to successfully carry out the Visioning/Strategic Planning process we must work deliberately and diligently to understand the external environment as well as our own capacity, strengths and weaknesses. This project must be thorough and inclusive, as such exact timelines are difficult to state.

 Phase 1 work-products: Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Job Description for President and CEO

 Currently, the Visioning/Strategic Planning Committee’s tentative target date for completion of Phase 1 work-products is October1, 2011.

 Phase 2 work-products (after new CEO is hired): 3-5 year Strategic Planning document

 After the Selection Committee completes the task of identifying and recommending a candidate to the FFTA Board Phase 2 can begin and will likely take 2-3 months to complete

Likely milestone events include:

  •  Preparation and transmittal of RFP to selected consultants for Benchmarking Study
  • Contract with a Benchmarking Consultant
  • Evaluate Benchmarking Study Findings
  • Preparation and transmittal of RFP to selected consultants for Market Research Study
  • Contract with a market research consultant
  • Review and approve methodology and content of market research study
  • Evaluate Market Research Data
  • Preparation and transmittal of RFP to selected consultants for a Strategic Planning Facilitator
  • Contract with a Strategic Planning Facilitator
  • Community meetings with interested groups for input.
  • Plan and Host a half-day Board Retreat.  After presenting Market Research Findings the facilitator will guide attendees through exercises that will result in a Vision and Mission Statement
  • Preparation of job description, identification of desired characteristics and experience level of candidates.


 Anticipated expenses of the Visioning/Strategic Planning Committee include:

  • Benchmarking Study
  • Market Research Study
  • Strategic Planning Facilitator’s fee
  • Meeting costs, if any.

 Ideally expenses will be funded by external resources.


Generally speaking, we will discuss the process openly and fully through a variety of methods including but not limited to weekly updates on the website, email, etc.

All communications to the press and other outside groups are to be made by either the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Chairman of the Visioning/Strategic Planning Committee, as appropriate in the circumstances.

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