It might have been gray and drizzling outside on Tuesday – but inside the Brown Theatre was a hive of activity and energy thanks to the nearly 1,000 supporters and kids who turned out to help us kick-off the 2011 Campaign. Thank you! I especially want to thank the group I saw front and center –  our Employee Campaign Coordinators from workplaces all over our community. These are the individuals who put their time, energy, and leadership into making our Arts the best they can be! I thought you might like to hear firsthand from one of our long-time volunteers:

Hello there! My name is Annette Skaggs, but I’m also known as “Operadarling”. As the name would imply, I am an Opera fanatic. But, as much as I enjoy Opera, I am also a devotee of all things Arts. Growing up here in Louisville, I can recall treasured field trips to the Louisville Ballet’s “Land of the Sugar Plum Fairies” with the Louisville Orchestra in the pit, or to a Stage One performance of “Johnny Appleseed”.

After college, I found myself working at Actors Theatre. One night, after a performance, a colleague came up to me and asked if I would be interested in helping out with the annual Fund for the Arts campaign. I had heard about what the Fund did, but didn’t know all the specifics. So, I told him I would think about it only after doing my homework. Well, everything I read about the core value and intent of what the Fund was for made me say, “Yes!” That was about 20 years ago, and I’ve been involved ever since.

I was lucky enough to attend the kick-off on Tuesday and had a blast. Truly an amazing showcase of talent. Witnessing all of the hard work and dedication of just a small representation of Arts groups that surround our great city, one can appreciate the level of need and support the Fund for the Arts works so hard to achieve. It is only through all of us that we are able to keep our Arts alive and kicking well into the next century even.

Dedication by the Employee Campaign Coordinators and individual contributors is truly at the heart of what makes the Fund for the Arts successful. And, we can all win by continuing to support. So go.give.get! Because we are truly in this 2gether.


Annette Skaggs
Louisville Regional Airport Authority

We are so fortunate to have dedicated volunteers – like Annette – from all over our community. When Annette – or your own Employee Campaign Coordinator – taps you on the shoulder this year and asks you to make your pledge to the Fund for the Arts campaign – please say, “Yes!” Or, if your workplace doesn’t have a campaign – click here and make a pledge now!

Also – before I forget – there are great photos from the Kick-Off on our Facebook page. If you attended – go take a look and tag yourself!


Allan Cowen
President & CEO
Fund for the Arts

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