The Fund for the Arts touches every day. Team members at Wells Fargo have enjoyed the many benefits of our organization and shared their stories with us in preparation for their up coming campaign.   Thank you to Michelle Pfeffer for putting together wonderful campaign this year and reminding everyone just how much the arts touch us all.

From Emily Wessel   –   Emily’s involvement with the Louisville Youth Choir has introduced her to a whole new circle of friends from across the city. It has exposed her to music and song that has given her unbelievable experiences. The sound of these beautiful young voices signing together is amazing. Pam loves being the proud mama sitting in the audience. She had her final performance this past Sunday and will really miss this group and will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Rose & Michelle at Wells Fargo

From Rose Welker   –   When my 4 children were young, it was always exciting for them to attend the various functions supported by the Fund. They enjoyed musical performances, plays and other outings all through their early school years with the only cost being transportation to the event. While in high school, my granddaughter was the recipient of a scholarship from the Fund for the Louisville Youth Orchestra. Her dad has lost his job as so many others during the recession and the Fund stepped up which allowed her to continue in the orchestra. She is continuing her music career throughout college and will be studying in Vienna this summer. I can’t praise the Fund for the Arts enough. I know my donation goes for a good cause.

From Walt Zolla   –   When Matthew was (8) he started developing a love for acting and singing. He started performing in some basic musicals at his school until he was encouraged to audition at Music Theatre of Louisville and the Kentucky Opera. We have been more than pleased with the professional quality of these two organizations and his musical career has blossomed through his association with them. To-date, Matthew has performed in four MTL and six Kentucky Opera performances and sang several times with the Louisville Youth Orchestra. Without the support of the Fund For the Arts, Matthew would not have had the opportunity to be part of these ‘arts” organizations in our city. Matthew asks for your continued support, not only through the annual campaign, but also by attending the quality performances of its recipients.

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