You’ve heard it said, “If you can read or write, thank a teacher.” Well, more than 400,000 students in our community can thank a teacher every year for giving them an Arts experience, too, because of YOU! That’s right! When you give to the Fund for the Arts, magic happens. Don’t believe me? Close your eyes. Whoops! I guess you need to keep them open to read my story…

I will never forget getting on the yellow school bus at Camp Taylor Elementary School, walking into Memorial Gardens, and seeing the Louisville Orchestra waiting for me! How cool is that! I thought being on the reduced breakfast AND lunch programs at school made me special. That didn’t hold a candle to the music field trip! To this day, I still think of the Louisville Orchestra as MY orchestra. Thank you, Ms. Groves for talking all those musicians into playing for me.
Thomas Jefferson High School, Class of 1975. After chemistry, anatomy, and trigonometry, I was ready for an easy “A.” Art Class! Ms. Jane Litchfield! NOT SO FAST. In one semester, Ms. Litchfield taught us how to look at life through a different prism. She taught us how to respect one another and embrace our differences. We were presented with a table full of bizarre objects and asked to create a masterpiece. You’ve got to be kidding! Of course I thought mine was as good as any Van Gogh I’d ever seen! It had to be. My teacher encouraged me every step of the way. No “A,” but I did lug that painting around for 30 years! Thank you, Ms. Litchfield, for believing in me. We all have a story. Send an email or pick up a pen and thank the teacher who helped create yours.

Fast forward: The other marathon in Louisville happened last week. Wednesday night at Actors Theatre, eight different ten-minute plays written by high school students were performed by the Acting Apprentice Company during the 6th Annual New Voices Young Playwrights Festival. Watch out New York! Thursday night, more than 400 pieces of original art were featured in the opening exhibit of Louisville Visual Art Association’s Children’s Fine Arts Classes program. Friday night featured more than 20 short Shakespeare performances by students of all ages at Walden Theatre. The talent in this town is mind boggling! I see thousands of thank you notes in the future. Check out the slide show at the end of this message!

Want to stay dry and need an indoor event to go to this weekend? Take a child to see Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business at the Kentucky Center on Sunday. Click Here for details. Louisville Youth Choir Pops Concert on Sunday is a guaranteed winner! Click Here for ticket information. If you want to experience 47 years of history in the making, come to the Louisville Bach Society’s final performance on Sunday at 3pm. For advance ticket sales call (502) 585-2224. Put on your favorite hat and head out to the Iroquois Amphitheatre on Sunday for the Official Derby Festival event featuring the Louisville Youth Orchestra – Click Here.

Don’t forget to send a thank you note and make someone’s day. Heck, if you want to send a copy to me, I’ll post it for the world to read. Let’s do it! Click Here for Photos of the Week! Want to be really cool? “Like” us on Facebook and find out if YOU are the Lucky 1949 Winner!
2gether, through the Arts, we create a GREAT AMERICAN CITY!

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