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I’m honored to have been selected for the nFocus new faces of philanthropy. The selection committee looked at a letter from someone who nominated me and mentioned several of the things I’ve been involved with in recent years. Much of it with NEXT and FFTA. I’m currently the treasurer of the Louisville Ballet.

Just for winning the ballet wins $1,000. I can tell you first hand that these dollars will greatly help the organization. Now here is the cool thing. The launch party is November 1st. The person who gets the most people to come to the party gets an additional $2,000 for their organization. That is the equivalent of another Farnsley member!

Tickets are $25 and it should prove to be a great time. Aiding with the financial viability of the ballet, being a leader among your peers, And couple that with amazing networking. Barbara would have to agree that this kickoff party ties in quite well with the Next pillars.


I’d love to see several of the current Next members and alumni there. What better way to support one of the member groups then come to a party!

Vote for me on Facebook today HERE. The Community Foundation of Louisville is behind this venture. It will be a contest based on ‘likes’. The winning organization gets free marketing in the NFocus publication. Again, a big win for any non-profit. However for arts groups looking to reach the masses and keep costs low, free advertising never helps.
So, when then goes live I’ll lean on all the tech savvy NEXT members to like the page on their smartphones.

I’ll see you there!

Rob King
Northwestern Mutual

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