I just wanted to thank Fund for the Arts for allowing my students to participate in Kentucky Shakespeare. My students enjoyed the presentations and were engaged in the workshop. I feel after our two week study on Shakespeare in the classroom and the workshop, my students have a good basic understanding of who Shakespeare was and why we still read his writings today. Here are some of their comments regarding the workshop.

“I enjoyed watching the plays so much. It helped me understand the three plays better by seeing it visually.” Hannah

“My favorite fact [I learned] was how Shakespeare used the method called iambic pentameter.” Maia

“Thank you so much! Maybe they can come back some other time!” Brian

After hearing various comments from my students, I feel they truly enjoyed the time with Kentucky Shakespeare. I do think they learned a lot and that the money was well spent.

Thanks again,

Aimee Bowling
6th Grade Language Arts
Charlestown Middle School

Kentucky Shakespeare

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