By Danielle Lewis, Reminger Co.

Danielle LewisAttending the mid-year allocation meeting for the Louisville Youth Choir provided me with a lot of helpful information about both the allocation process and the LYC itself. It was great to hear [Executive Director] Terri Foster talk about all the wonderful things the LYC did last year and the ways that organization is growing; Terri’s passion for the Choir is infectious. Equally apparent was Terri’s gratitude and high regard for the Fund for making so many of the Choir’s activities possible. It was also interesting to hear the Allocation Committee members ask Terri questions about the LYC and its plan for the coming year….that showed me how much thought and consideration really does go into the Fund’s allocation of the money it raises to support a wide variety of arts programs and organizations here in our community.

Overall, the meeting and group lunch afterwards really invigorated me about the opportunity to get involved with the LYC this year as part of the overall NeXt! Experience. I’m really glad I attended, and I’m looking forward to the next meeting in May.

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